In the Minneapolis-St. Paul wrestling community, there is no bigger wrestling fan than Johnny. Johnny is a young man, wheelchair bound, and nonverbal. Going to see local wrestling is his joy. In Minnesota, we are lucky to have so many different independent wrestling promotions. Every weekend there is usually a show or two for Johnny to see.

Johnny has been ill and hospitalized for almost two weeks. He isn’t bouncing back just in time for Saturdays show as he normally does. This time seems scarier.

Johnny is unable to converse, yet, he can shout out some of the wrestler’s names. The joy on his face when he sees someone he knows makes everyone around him smile. Laszlo Nemesi is a ring announcer. Laszlo is the best dressed announcer in wrestling. He always wears a tuxedo. Johnny can yell ‘Laszlo”.

This Saturday morning, Laszlo dressed in his Tuxedo, to go visit Johnny. He wanted to make sure Johnny would recognize him. When Johnny’s mother got to the floor, the nurses said Johnny was out for a walk with a man with a bow tie. She knew exactly who it was.

Here was Laszlo, dressed in his best tuxedo, pushing Johnny in his wheelchair, up and down the hall the hospital floor. Johnny was just beaming, smiling ear to ear!

Laszlo Nemesi is a local actor, ring announcer that is also on the board of directors of the Minnesota Wrestling Hall of Fame.